What AzoJavaChecker does for you
What JavaChecker does not do
What AzoJavaChecker needs (Requirements)
The frontend

What AzoJavaChecker does for you

AzoJavaChecker analyses Java-Source code against a set of rules, which is stored in a so-called "rule file".
The static analysis does:

The parser is very fast and it just takes a part of a second, to check a single file on an average system.

For presenting the results, AzoJavaChecker offers you:
  1. A - state-of-the-art - Swing frontend.
  2. HTML-Reports
  3. Saving all tables to CSV-files for furter investigation.

What JavaChecker does not do

JavaChecker does not test the Syntax, nor verifies run- or compilability. If a syntax error occurs, it stops processing and gives you message, what might be wrong. Only in a few cases it will report the syntax error and continue.
Please use the javac Byte-Code compiler or -better- a syntax checker to check the syntax and if it is possible to run the program, if you are unsure. The inbuilt syntax checker is quite verbose and aids you (the developer) in many cases. JavaChecker is quite configurable, but you cannot add your own new rules that easy.

What AzoJavaChecker needs (Requirements)

This program works on all systems which support the Java2 platform in the current Version 1.3. (J2SDK V1.3). Please check, if the J2SDK or JRE is installed correctly and your PATH points to the [jdk1.3|jre1.3]\bin directory. Setting the CLASSPATH is not necessary since Java2
I have thoroughly tested this Tool on the following platforms: So I hope it will run on all Java2 platforms! Please report, if you experience problems.
To work comfortably, I suggest you have a system with at least: (For a PC with Windows NT SP4 and J2SDK 1.3)

The comfortable frontend

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